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Name Variations

  • besan (flour)
  • gram flour
  • cici flour
  • chana flour
  • garbanzo bean flour

About Chickpea flour

Wikipedia Article About Chickpea flour on Wikipedia

  • Also known as chickpea, bengal gram, patani, and chana
  • Pale yellow high protein flour
  • Made of a small yellow or brown type of chickpea

A pale yellow flour made from ground, dried chickpeas. To make your own: Lightly roast dried garbanzo beans, then grind them in a spice mill, food processor, or blender until mixture has the consistency of flour. Substitutes: Lightly roast dried yellow split peas, then grind them until mixture has the consistency of flour.

Gram flour, not to be confused with Graham flour, also known as chana flour, besan or chickpea flour, is an ingredient used in Indian cuisine. It consists of ground chickpeas, and it is used in various foods such as curries and bombay mix.

Vegetables deep-fried in Gram flour batter are known as pakoras. When onions are so fried they are known as onion bhajis.

Gram flour contains carbohydrates and hence may not be suitable for low-carbohydrate diets, but it is suitable for gluten-free diets.

It is also used as a facial exfoliant, something that is very popular in India and Pakistan, by making a paste out of it by mixing it with water and sometimes plain yogurt as well.

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