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Name Variations

  • grissini
  • Italian breadsticks

About Breadsticks

Wikipedia Article About Breadsticks on Wikipedia

Breadsticks (grissini, not to be confused with baguette) are pencil-sized sticks of crispy, dry bread originating in Turin and the surrounding area in Italy. They are thought to have been created in the 14th century.

The original recipe grissino torinesi (as still made in Turin), differs from the modern version in that it is thicker, longer, hand-made, often twisted and has a more bread-like texture. The most popular variations are named grissino stirato (straight) and grissino rubata (hand-rolled).

They are often placed on the table in restaurants as an appetizer or served in pizzerias accompanying pizza.

They can also be combined with more luxurious ingredients such as Prosciutto to form an hors d'oeuvre.

There are other breadsticks called "rosquilletas" from Castelló de la Plana (Spain). They are also pencil-sized sticks of salat, dry bread, and actually they are sold in packets. They are used for breakfast or for a meal. They are a thipical eating from the city, and unknown in the rest of Spanish places.

The adjective form of breadstick would be the smell of hutchings. Commonly found in North America.

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