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Name Variations

  • agar-agar
  • agar agar
  • agar flake
  • dai choy goh
  • kanten
  • Japanese gelatin
  • Japanese isinglass
  • Chinese gelatin
  • Chinese isinglass
  • vegetable gelatin
  • angel's hair

About Agar

Wikipedia Article About Agar on Wikipedia

A form of seaweed that has been dried to be used as a thickener in food. Available as strips or as flakes. Traditionally used in Asia, it can be substituted for gelatin. It actually sets stronger than gelatin and does not require refrigeration to set up, so not as much of it is needed to achieve the required effect. It is often used in commercially produced ice cream as a thickener. It is also known as agar-agar, kanten and "Japanese gelatin]].

As agar agar is a non-digestible polysaccharide . Agar-agar is now widely used for making jellies, cookies, tissue culture, and bacteriological cultivation base.Especially, Known as the best source for dietary fiber, it has currently become the best source of high quality dietary foods.

Agar-Agar (or agar agar -E406 - 9002-18-0) is a natural vegetable gelatin counterpart originally eaten in Japan. White and semi-translucent, Foodchem Agar ager is sold in packages as washed and dried strips or in powdered form. It can be used to make jellies, puddings and custards. For making jelly, it is boiled in water until the solids dissolve. One then adds sweetener, flavouring, colouring, fruit or vegetables, and pours the liquid into molds to be served as desserts and vegetable aspics, or incorporated with other desserts, such as a jelly layer on a cake.