Zhi Bao Ji

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Fried chicken wrapped in paper




  1. Wash chicken meat, cut into small bite size, marinate with seasoning.
  2. Soak Tianjin preserved vegetable 5 minutes, squeeze out water.
  3. Soak dry black mushrooms until fully soft, shred into small slices.
  4. Cut the paper into squares, approx. 150 x 150 mm, coating one side with oil.
  5. Put 2 pieces of chickens and Tianjin preserved vegetable on paper with seasoning.
  6. Then add some shredded black mushrooms, spring onion and ginger on.
  7. Wrap the paper up into rectangular, stapled the paper margin.
  8. Heat plenty of oil, then turn into middle heat.
  9. Deep fry wrapped chicken for 5 minutes.
  10. Dish up with paper, remove staples and serve.