Yam Yai

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Salad Ingredient

Dressing Ingredients


  1. Line a serving bowl with the lettuce leaves, then toss the other ingredients and place on the lettuce, garnish with cilantro/coriander leaves, lime leaves, thinly sliced shallots, and julienned spring onions.
  2. In a dry skillet or wok, toast the peanuts until light golden brown, allow to cool and crumble (a few sharp blows with the flat of a cleaver should suffice, and avoid turning them into peanut butter, as the use of a food processor is inclined to).
  3. Toast 2 tablespoons of uncooked long-grain rice (either white or brown, to taste), and then when cool, grind to a coarse powder (khao koor).
  4. Combine the ingredients to form the dressing, and place in a small bowl.