Winnie the Pooh's Flapjack.

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<plb_layout val_3="10 minutes" val_4="15 - 20 minutes depending on your oven. " val_6="8 pieces" val_8="My Nanna gave me The Pooh book (written by Katy Stewart) of recipes when I was just old enough to want to start cooking. This flapjack recipe was my very first attempt at cooking by myself and I still make it today. I have adapted the recipe slightly and I use molasses sugar in place of soft dark brown sugar but all the quantities are the same. This is a very moist, slightly chewy flapjack and I've yet to find another recipe to rival it. &#13; &#13; (Can I add, I had this book until I divorced, my wife got custody of the book. But my flapjack's always based on this were in great demand by my family, all of whom can cook. Thank you for posting this so I can get them back up to standard. PS adding sultanas and cinnamon or using honey instead of syrup are nice variations)" val_9="2 oz butter / margarine plus a little extra for greasing. &#13; &#13; 1 rounded tablespoon golden syrup&#13; &#13; 1 oz – or 1 rounded tablespoon of dark brown sugar or molasses sugar&#13; &#13; 4 oz – or 8 heaped tablespoons rolled oats&#13; &#13; Pinch of salt. " val_10="Preheat the oven to Gas 4/350F and grease a shallow 7" cake tin.&#13; &#13; In a non-stick saucepan add the butter and syrup and sugar. &#13; &#13; Stir the mixture over a low heat until all the ingredients have melted then remove from the heat. Add salt and oats and mix well. &#13; &#13; Spoon the mixture into the cake tin and place in the oven for 15-20 minutes. Don't be scared to open the oven and check your flapjack, it will do it no harm and depending on your oven it might need a little less cooking time. &#13; &#13; When it comes out of the oven, make your cuts but don't turn it out, leave it to cool completely first. (if I'm honest this stage rarely happens in my house!) Enjoy! &#13; &#13; &#13; &#13; " val_11="File:Pooh's_flapjack.jpg | Pooh's flapjack." val_0="" val_cswikitext="" layout_id="175018" cswikitext=""></plb_layout>