Wheat, Sugar and Gluten-free Crêpes

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Always check the ingredients to make sure the product is vegan.



  1. Follow the same directions as for the Whole-wheat Crêpes. These crêpes will be slightly thicker, darker, (teff flour is grey-brown in color) and will not have the chance to brown as much because they cook a little faster.
  2. It's important to use either a non-stick pan, or a very well-seasoned pan and a little oil.
  3. It should be heated evenly on medium (so that a drop of water evaporates quickly) before you begin cooking the crêpes.
  4. Mix together all ingredients.
  5. You will need to add more soy milk to the batter, testing, as you go along, to get it to the right thickness. This takes some experimenting. It could take up to another cup.
  6. Your first crêpe will probably not be so good. Keep going!.
  7. Add ½ – ¾ of a cup of batter to the pan, quickly swirling it around so it covers the bottom.
  8. Cook until small holes form and the top looks dry.
  9. Loosen edges and flip, cooking a little while longer on the other side.
  10. The crêpe should be golden-brown on both sides, and cooked through.
  11. Stack crêpes on a tea towel as you cook.
  12. They store and reheat well.
  13. Unlike non-vegan crêpe batter, this batter does not keep, and should be used immediately.