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About Trumpet royale mushroom

Trumpet royale mushrooms, also known as pleutorus eryngii, is a part of Pleurotaceae family which contains oyster mushrooms called like that due to their form which is very similar to an oyster. It grows on the trunks of dead or dying deciduous trees, frequently alder, and sometimes fencepost. These types of mushrooms grow in regions with cold or temperate climate, especially during winter or autumn. Pleutorus eryngii is sugary and meaty and habitually grows on the rotting roots of plants in the carrot family. It can also be cultivated on chopped straw. Trumpet royale are very popular especially in Japan and in Central Europe. Trumpet royale mushrooms are big, stunning mushroom with a mouthwatering nutty flavor, a flexible firm texture, and a remarkable shelf life. Trumpet royale mushrooms are very popular all across the world and they can be served sautéed, grilled, braised, stewed, or broiled. Different from many other mushrooms, the stem can also be cooked and has the same delicious texture and flavor as the cap. Typically, trumpet royale mushrooms have a wide variety of flavors depending on the way there are cooked.

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