Trimming beef steak

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If you want to prepare beef steaks first you have to trim the strips of fat but not entirely. it is recommended to leave some fat on the outside edges of the steak in order to avoid shrinking and drying. A small portion of fat around the edges facilitates to seal in the juices and keeps the edges from drying out when the beef steak is being grilled or broiled. After removing the extra fat, you have to vertically slash the thin strip of fat remained at about one centimeter intervals all the way around the steak so that the meat won’t bend up during cooking. To remove the strips of fat insert the knife between the fat and the meat and pull away the excess of fat. Trimming is done in order to avoid the steak from shrinking. Beef steak is usually grilled or roasted and in order to keep it from drying it has to be removed from it not more 1/8 of fat. Beef steak is more succulent after it is grilled with a small strip of fat.

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