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This is the {{search link}} template.

It creates a link to the Wikibooks search.


Wikibooks namespaces
Basic namespaces Talk namespaces
0 Main Talk 1
2 User User talk 3
4 Wikibooks Wikibooks talk 5
6 File File talk 7
8 MediaWiki MediaWiki talk 9
10 Template Template talk 11
12 Help Help talk 13
14 Category Category talk 15
102 Cookbook Cookbook talk 103
108 Transwiki Transwiki talk 109
110 Wikijunior Wikijunior talk 111
112 Subject Subject talk 113
Virtual namespaces
-1 Special
-2 Media

This template takes one or more parameters. The first unnamed parameter is the word or phrase to search for. The second unnamed parameter is the caption for the link.

Here are some examples. Code to the left and actual rendering to the right:

{{search link|search string}} = search string
{{search link|search string|link text}} = link text

When doing a basic search like that Wikibooks only searches the namespaces that the user has set in "My preferences - Search - Namespaces". If you want to specify what namespaces the search will use, then this template has several ways to do that.

To search all namespaces:

{{search link|search string|ns=all}} = search string
{{search link|search string|link text|ns=all}} = link text

To specify some namespaces, for instance mainspace and its talk space (ns0 and ns1):

{{search link|search string||ns0|ns1}} = search string
{{search link|search string|link text|ns0|ns1}} = link text

Note the empty link text parameter in the first example above. That is because the parameters are unnamed. If "ns0" were fed as the second parameter then it would become the link text, not the first namespace to search.

See also

  • {{search box}} - unrestricted search of any subset of any namespace