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{{Infobox journal}} can be used to display details about academic journals and similar publications as a right-side infobox. It can be stacked with other infoboxes.


Former name(s) {{{former_names}}}
Abbreviated title (ISO) {{{abbreviation}}}
Discipline {{{discipline}}}
Peer-reviewed {{{peer-reviewed}}}
Language {{{language}}}
Edited by {{{editor}}}
Publication details
Publisher {{{publisher}}} ({{{country}}})
Publication history {{{history}}}
Frequency {{{frequency}}}
Open access {{{openaccess}}}
License {{{license}}}
Impact factor
ISSN {{{ISSNlabel}}}
{{{ISSN}}} (print)
{{{eISSN}}} (web)
OCLC number {{{OCLC}}}
* [{{{website}}} Journal homepage]
  • [{{{link1}}} {{{link1-name}}}]
  • [{{{link2}}} {{{link2-name}}}]
{{Infobox journal
| title         = 
| cover         = 
| editor        = 
| discipline    = 
| peer-reviewed = 
| language      = 
| former_names  = 
| abbreviation  = 
| publisher     = 
| country       = 
| frequency     = 
| history       = 
| openaccess    = 
| license       = 
| impact        = 
| impact-year   = 
| website       = 
| link1         = 
| link1-name    = 
| link2         = 
| link2-name    = 
| JSTOR         = 
| OCLC          = 
| LCCN          = 
| CODEN         = 
| ISSN          = 
| eISSN         = 
| boxwidth      = 
{{Infobox Journal
| title = Name of journal (defaults to page name)
| italic title = Put "no" to override the italic format of the page article title
| cover = Optional image of journal
| editor = Optional name of editor
| discipline = Topic of the journal
| peer-reviewed = Put "no" if journal is not peer-reviewed, otherwise leave blank
| language = Language of publication, (if English, delete this parameter as it will default to English). Do not wikilink per WP:MOS
| former_names = any former names for the journal, separate by commas or semicolons; will be italicized by default)
| abbreviation = Abbreviation for journal (this will not generally simply be the first letters of the title words, but the ISO or NLM abbreviation; will be italicized by default)
| publisher = Name of publisher
| country = Country of publication, as: United States. Do not wikilink per WP:MOS
| frequency = Frequency of publication
| history = Publication history, as: 1869–present
| openaccess = Availability of open access content, with links if appropriate
| license = License of the journal's content
| impact = The impact factor of the journal
| impact-year = The year the impact factor was measured
| website = URL for journal homepage; see usage below
| link1 = URL for additional link; see below
| link1-name = name for additional link; see below
| link2 = URL for additional link; see below
| link2-name = Name for additional link; see below
| JSTOR = JSTOR number, usually the ISSN — link will be generated automatically
| OCLC = OCLC number
| LCCN = Link to LCCN
| CODEN = Link to CODEN
| ISSNlabel = To distinguish between ISSNs when more than one is given (use in conjunction with ISSN2label, ISSN3label, ... ISSN10label)
| ISSN = ISSN (print edition) or eISSN if electronic-only journal. If there is more than one journal, such as in European Physical Journal, use additional ISSN2, ISSN3, ..., ISSN10 parameters.
| eISSN = Same as ISSN, but for online version of paper journals. eISSN2, eISSN3, ..., eISSN10 supported.
| boxwidth = Width of infobox, specify 'em' or 'px' explicitly (e.g. boxwidth = 30em or boxwidth = 300px); default is 22em


  • language - default is "English" but could put many:  language=English or French (etc.).
  • website - Just put the full URL; e.g., http://www.nature.com . This field automatically displays the name "Journal homepage." If you wish to display a different name, or to include additional links, use parameters "link1" & "link1-name" ("link2" etc.). For example, show "About Nature":
   | website = http://www.nature.com
   | link1 = http://www.nature.com/nature/about/index.html
   | link1-name = About Nature
  • title - The infobox displays the journal title at the top, wrapping to keep the infobox narrow. To custom-wrap a long title, insert "<br>". Otherwise, the title will auto-wrap after all words that fit:
   | title = Canadian Journal of<br>Earth Sciences
  • country - such as "Canada".

 In general, any parameter can be custom-wrapped by inserting a "<br>" wherever needed.


The HTML mark up produced by this template includes an hProduct microformat, which makes the product's details parsable by computers, either acting automatically to index articles across Wikipedia for search engines, or via a browser tool operated by a person. For more information about the use of microformats on Wikipedia, please see the microformat project.

If the product has a URL, use {{URL}}.

hProduct uses HTML classes including:

  • brand
  • category
  • description
  • fn
  • hproduct
  • identifier
  • listing
  • photo
  • price
  • review
  • type
  • url
  • value

Please do not rename or remove these classes; nor collapse nested elements which use them.


 This template produces COinS metadata; see COinS in Wikipedia for background information.

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