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Name Variations

  • tamarind water
  • tamarind sauce
  • tamarind nectar
  • imli ka ras

About Tamarind juice

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Made from the fruit of the tamarind tree, a soft brown fruit in a brittle brown pod. If unavailable, soak 30 grams dried tamarind in a cup of water, let stand 10 minutes, squeeze the pulp dry and use the flavored water.

Agua de tamarindo is an agua fresca drink from Mexican cuisine. It is made with tamarind after it has been boiled in water, has had its seeds removed, and has been liquified and combined with sugar. It is typically sold at taquerías in Mexico and in the United States.

Tamarind nectar

A non-carbonated beverage flavored by tamarind, which is a tropical fruit from a shade tree that was originally found in Asia and North Africa. It resembles a vegetable with its large brown pod, which contains small seeds and a brown pulp with a sweet-sour flavor. The pulp that is extracted from the pods of the tamarind is used to flavor the nectar. Tamarind provides a sweet and tangy flavor to the nectar.

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