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About Sweet tooth mushroom

Sweet tooth mushroom scientifically known as Hydnum umbilicatum is one of the tooth fungi and it is a part of Hydnum family. These mushrooms can be found along with oak, pine and other conifers which provide them the humidity they need in order to grow. Sweet tooth mushroom received its name due to its sweet taste and bug-free existence. These mushrooms usually have a white color, yet the cap is light orange color. The inner cap surface is made of spines unlike other hydrums which are made of ridges or gills. They can be found in the wild of the North America, China and all over Europe, in the dense undergrowth under rhododendron bushes and other forest shrubbery. Sweet tooth mushrooms have a chewy texture and a mouthwatering taste. Before cooking them sweet tooth mushrooms have to be very carefully cleaned because they might hide all sorts of insects between their toothed under caps. They have to be consumed fresh and only when they are young otherwise they will have a bitter and not tasty flavor.

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