Steam Daikon Cake

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Cake base



  1. First remove the daikon skin and slice into thin pieces.
  2. Place the sliced daikon, the chicken broth and the "cake base" seasonings into a pot.
  3. Cook until the diakon is soft (about 40 minutes).
  4. If the daikon tastes bitter, you'll need to add more sugar.
  5. Also, if the daikon releases too much water, you may have to drain some water out.
  6. While the daikon is cooking, dice the "filling" ingredients.
  7. Stir fry the "filling" ingredients and seasonings until cooked (note: save ½ the scallion for later use).
  8. Place the fillings aside.
  9. When the daikon is soft, slowly stir in the rice flour.
  10. Mix well. You'll feel the cake base thicken.
  11. After the daikon and rice flour are mixed, stir in the "fillings" (note: save some of the filling for the topping).
  12. When everything is mixed, grease the steaming pan with corn oil, so the daikon cake won't stick to the pan.
  13. Pour the daikon cake mix into the pan, and place the rest of the scallion and fillings on top.
  14. Steam the daikon cake under high heat for about 40 minutes.
  15. To check the cake is well cooked, poke a chopstick into the center of the cake, if the cake does not stick to the chopstick, the cake is cooked.
  16. Allow the daikon cake to cool.
  17. You can pan fry the sliced cake before serving.