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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|St. George's mushroom]]

About St. George's mushroom

Saint George’s mushroom, also named Tricholoma gambosun, is a wild fungus belonging to the calocybe gambosun family which generally grows on trees. Saint George’s mushrooms usually grow in Europe and they are also found more often in UK supermarkets. This type of mushrooms is named Saint George’s due to the fact that they can only be found around Saint George’s Day, in the spring from April to June. Saint George’s mushrooms usually grow in grassy lawns, fields and along undisturbed roadsides. Tricholoma gambosun are very popular all around the world because they are healthy and rich in aromas, they are easily digested and contain a variety of vitamins such as B12, folic acid, potassium and helpful minerals. This type of mushroom as well as other wild mushrooms is low on calories and cholesterol-free. The caps of the wild St. George mushroom which are inconsistent and fat grow up to six inches across and can have a cream to pale color or it can have gray to reddish shade. Firmly packed gills are produced on the underside of its hearty cap. The gallant stem is usually larger at the base. This mushroom's solid white flesh presents a characteristic, interesting scent and delicate flavor which is similar to freshly ground meal or flour.

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