South of the Border Chicken Soup

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This dark soup (darkened by the flour and chili powder) has a slightly spicy flavor, but not too hot for people sensitive to spicy foods. It very much has a border taste too it, so those who prefer Southwest U.S. dishes to Mexican should feel at home with this dish. It is important that you absorb as much of the oil from the tortillas as possible, or they can be too greasy to eat. I prefer putting a lot of them in my soup.



  1. Heat oil in a large stock point.
  2. When hot, place tortillas strips and fray, constantly stirring until golden.
  3. Remove strips, place on paper towel, trying to allow as much oil be absorbed as possible.
  4. Place Onion and green bell pepper into the stock pot. Cook over medium heat until as soft as you prefer.
  5. Add garlic, stir in flour just for a few seconds. Then gradually stir in chicken broth, making sure the flour dissolves before pouring it all in.
  6. Add cooked Chicken, chili powder, and optional mixed vegetables and cook until thickened (letting it go until it boils on medium heat is good)
  7. Serve. Sprinkle the tortillas strips onto the individual bowls of soup and also eat on the side.