Silver ear mushroom

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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Silver ear mushroom]]

Name Variations

  • snow mushroom
  • white fungus
  • white jelly fungus
  • white tree fungus

About Silver ear mushroom

Silver ear mushroom also known as Tremella fuciformis is very similar to ear mushroom Auricularia polytricha and can be found in Asia and sold in the United States. Long time ago, silver ear mushroom was considered a wood decomposer like shiitake, until it was actually discovered to be a parasite on species of Ascomycota. Silver ear mushroom are also named “jelly fungi” due to its natural form and appearance similar to the cauliflower, white to silvery color with wrinkled or consist of leaf-like folds, and it produces white, irregular, lobed shaped fruiting body. Silver ear mushroom is not very commonly used for food like other ear mushrooms because it is doesn’t have a rich flavor. Silver ear mushroom is very common in Chinese cuisine due to the fact that is rich in vitamin D and dietary fibers. Tremella mushroom is also a medicinal mushroom and it is known that it included in producing cough syrup and it is a well remedy against asthma, dry cough and heat in the lungs, tuberculosis or common cold.

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