Shanghai Shrimp Dip

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Shanghai Shrimp Dip

Fill a 3 Quart Pan Two Thirds Full of water, Add 1/2 T. of The salt And Bring to a Boil Over High Heat. Add The Shrimp And Cook Just Until They Are Pink And Firm, About 2 Minutes. Drain And Rinse Under Cold water. Peel And Devein The Shrimp. Finely Chop The Shrimp And Transfer to a Medium Mixing Bowl. Mix The green onions, ginger root, garlic And Remaining 1/2 T. salt With The Shrimp. Add The Mayonnaise, sour cream, lemon juice, sesame oil And pepper. Stir Until The Ingredients Are Well Combined. Taste And Adjust The Seasoning. Transfer to a Serving Bowl. Cover And Refrigerate For at Least 1 Hour to Allow The Flavors to Blend. Serve Slightly Chilled. to do Ahead: This Dip Can be Prepared up to 2 Days in Advance. Cover And Refrigerate. Remove From The Refrigerator 20 Minutes Before Serving.

Makes About 3 Cups.

Source: Delicious Dips

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