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Although this soup is called "Turtle Soup", there is not any turtle meat in this soup. What makes this even more confusing is that there is also a Imitatie Schildpadsoep or "Imitation Turtle Soup" that is an imitation of the imitation.



  1. Leave the beef and hock or calf's head to simmer for 3½ hours in the water, with some salt added to taste.
  2. Slowly saute the finely chopped bacon with the herbs in the butter.
  3. Add the flour and leave the flour and butter to brown, but not burn.
  4. Slowly add the hot stock, bringing the mixture to the boil between adding.
  5. Leave to simmer for about ½ an hour, pour through a sieve and add the soy or meat drippings.
  6. Add back the meat stripped off the hock or the calf's head and the beef.