Salem Tavern Maryland Corn Chowder

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Contributed by World Recipes Y-Group

  • Makes About 1 Gallon.



  1. In large soup pot, sauté bacon and onion until onion is tender.
  2. Add flour and reduce heat to low.
  3. Cook, stirring, about 7 minutes.
  4. Do not allow flour to brown.
  5. Blend in stock, stirring well.
  6. Add creamed corn, salt, pepperand oregano.
  7. Bring soup to a boil.
  8. Add potatoes, reduce heat and simmer 15 minutes, until potatoes are tender.
  9. Add corn and hot sauce.
  10. Taste for seasoning and adjust if necessary.
  11. Stir in cream, heat through and serve.
  12. Enjoy.