Pumpkin Hummus w/ Pumpkin Chips

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Submitted by Sam_I_Am.

I had cool ideas about making a pumpkinseed pita, but eventually went with store bought. Sorry.

Pumpkin Chips

I used a mandolin on the thinnest setting to slice the pumpkin. Then I used a cookie cutter to cut disks.


I wanted to make potato chips out of pumpkin. Potatoes = starch; pumpkin = starch. Right? So fry those disks.


Wrong. You get soggy, nasty pumpkin. Instead I layered them on a cooling rack in the oven and baked them till they got crisp. (No pics of that. Sorry.)


For the actual hummus, start with a bunch of scrap pumpkin from the previous cookie cutting. (These are actually from the gratin, also posted on this wiki.)


Chop it up a little and roast for 15 minutes at 350.

2 T Tahini 1 Lemon 1 Garlic Clove 1lb roasted Pumpkin Cumin Olive Oil Salt

I didn't measure much, but hummus is always to taste. Juice the lemon and dump everything in a food processor. Then process the food.

Plate with store bought pita because you're a coward. (And ran out of time as guests arrived. )