Potpourri Wraps

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This recipe is fabulous because it tastes great. It is healthy, easy, and cleans those odds and ends of veggies out of your fridge.



  1. Cut up any veggies into bite-sized pieces and put in frying pan. Crispier veggies work best. Eggplant adds a 'meaty' texture if you want that.
  2. Crumble a pack of noodles into the frying pan along with vegetables.
  3. Add garlic, onion, or whatever your favorite seasoning is.
  4. For the sauce, I've found the best combo to be teriyaki sauce and several spoonfuls of oriental dressing, but you can use just teriyaki, or soy sauce, or whatever you like.
  5. Dump sauce into pan with other stuff.
  6. Briefly stir-fry mixture until noodles are tender and spoon into large lettuce leaves (any kind).
  7. For extra-soothing refreshment, squeeze fresh lime into mixture.
  8. Roll up the lettuce leaves and mixture like a taco, enjoy! wonderful served cold also with the lime.
  9. Perfect for summer days!.