Pomegranate Stew

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  1. In a Pot Brown The onions.
  2. Add Chicken Until Turned a Little Bit Brown.
  3. Add ground walnuts And Stir Occasionally.
  4. Add 2-1/2 Cups water,tomato Paste, salt, pepper, lemon juice And pomegranate Paste.
  5. StirWell And Cover The Pot And Cook Over Low Heat For About 2 Hours.Stirring Occasionally.
  6. Taste The Sauce And Adjust The SeasoningThickness to Suit. if Necessary. Add water to Thin The Sauce,pomegranate to Thicken The Sauce, or sugar to Sweeten The Sauce. TheSauce Should be Sweet And Sour to Your Taste.
  7. Serve With Plain rice.