Pom pom mushroom

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Pom pom mushroom

Name Variations

  • lion's mane mushroom
  • beard mushroom

About Pom pom mushroom

Pom pom mushrooms, known in botany like Hericium erinaceus, are delicate mushrooms which usually have a white color and don’t present a stem only a spherical cap with soft spines. They have a delicious, sweet, meaty texture and that’s way they are cooked in numerous restaurants all around the world. It delicious texture is quite often compared with lobster or veal. Due to its form pom pom mushrooms have various names such as Bear's Head, Old Man's Beard or Monkeys head. The traditional Chinese medicine prescribe pom pom mushrooms for improving and protecting liver functions, for improving immunity, for reducing cholesterol, and they are also used in treating stomach illness , nervous system disorders as well as for refreshing the breath. Pom pom mushrooms can be found in the woods year round. When choosing pom pom mushrooms from the markets one has to avoid those with yellow stains. There are various ways of cooking pom pom mushrooms like frying, boiling or stewed but they are generally used in cooking sauces or garnishes and served as appetizers. Pom pom mushroom’s taste is best preserved by brushing with melted butter.

A reasonable substitute is porcinis.

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