Pickled Tahiti Limes

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  1. Grate the skin from the limes.
  2. Wash these in water.
  3. Let stand in hot water for 3 days (and nights).
  4. Refresh the water daily (pour hot water again).
  5. After this:
  6. Make a cross-like cut at the underside of the fruits.
  7. salt these down and insert the clove in the fruits (through the cut).
  8. Put in a cleaned (cleaned with boiling water) jar.
  9. On the bottom and between the layers (of limes) sprinkle with salt.
  10. The top layer should be covered entirely with salt.
  11. Shake the bottle daily untill all the salt is dissolved.
  12. After this:
  13. Add vinegar and let stand untill a thick syrup is formed in the jar.
  14. This can take 2 – 3 weeks.