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About Nameko mushroom

Nameko mushrooms, also known as Pholiota nameko, are second most popular in Japan and they are wild mushrooms which grow on dead trunks or stubs of beech trees, available from October to February. Nameko mushrooms or pholiota nameko are part of Strophariaceae family. Nameko mushrooms are round with an orange color and they grow on trees like a bouquet of orange flowers. The cap of the Nameko mushroom presents a greasy gel covering it. Although they have long and attractive stems they are not allowed to be eaten. If they are collect with the purpose of using them in the kitchen, one has to pick only those with shiny caps and those which don’t have shredded stems. Nameko mushrooms have to be consumed fresh otherwise they will lose their benefits and their taste. Nameko mushrooms can be found in supermarkets all around the world but only canned in order to preserve their taste. These mushrooms can be used in a dietetic regime because they are low on fats, cholesterol and proteins.

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