Mongolian Hot Pot, Beijing-style

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For the dips

Cooking utensil

  • a charcoal-burning fire pot for cooking at the table.


  1. Cut the mutton into paper-thin slices about 2½ inches by 1 inch. It will be easier to slice if partially frozen first. Spread them on individual serving dishes. Arrange the dips and side dishes in bowls.
  2. Half-fill the fire pot with boiling water. Add the sliced scallion and ginger, mutton tail fat, and a little soy sauce. Cover the pot lid tightly. Fill the chimney with burning charcoal and bring the stock to a boil.
  3. To eat, the diners mix their own sauces from the condiments and seasonings. Then they pick up the mutton slices and cook them in the boiling stock for a few seconds, until the meat turns pinkish-white. The meat is then dipped into the sauce. The best pastry to go with the meat is shaobing - the chinese baked sesame cakes.