Korean Marinade for Meat

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Delicious marinade given to me years ago by a Korean woman. Excellent for any kind of meat — beef, roast, chicken, pork, ribs, and shrimp. Prep time does not include slicing meat, and cook time depends on what you are cooking and by what method, and does not include marinading time. The longer the marinading time, the better!. Enjoy!

  • For up to 5 pounds of meat



  1. If using roast, slice paper-thin.
  2. Pour marinade over meat.
  3. If using any kind of beef, let soak overnight room temperature.
  4. (the salt content from the soy sauce keeps beef from going bad).
  5. If using any kind of chicken, pork, ribs, or shrimp,refrigerate for up to 24 hours in fridge, then cook.
  6. Can cook on grill, bake, broil, quick panfry.