Julie's Chicken Enchildas

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Prep Time: 10 min.

Cook time: 30 min.

Serves: 6 people


Warm, fresh, zesty, spicy, chicken enchiladas that are tastier than the restaurant kind.



  1. Boiling chicken breast for about 1 hr in order to get soft
  2. shred the chicken into shreds with a fork
  3. lightly fry the tortillas until they're soft.
  4. suatee the chicken with cream cheese and salsa in a skillet until a cremay mixture forms
  5. shred both packs of cheeses
  6. dip the tortillas inside the sauce in order to get the taste
  7. put a spoonful of the chicken mixure into the tortillas along with a spoonful of cheese and begin to roll the tortillas up in a circular motion.
  8. pour the sauce over the enchildas and also the cheese as well.
  9. cut the green onions into very small slices and put over enchiladas
  10. to top it off spread the cut olives all around on top of enchiladas.
  11. cook for about 30 min. and Voila ! You have my special enchildas.
  12. lighty
  13. The second goes here...