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Name Variations

  • Jell-O ® mix
  • jello mix
  • jelly mix

About Gelatin dessert mix

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The most popular culinary use for gelatin is as a main ingredient in a vareity of gelatin desserts. In the United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa gelatin desserts are referred to as jelly (In the United States and Canada, "jelly" refers to an unrelated product - a pectin thickened clear fruit preserve). Gelatin desserts are also commonly referred to by the trademarked name, Jell-O.

Unprepared gelatin for desserts is often marketed as a flavored powder. Prepared gelatin desserts are marketed in a variety of forms. Popular brands include Jell-O from Kraft Foods in North America, Rowntree's Jelly in the United Kingdom and Aeroplane Jelly in Australia.

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