Hubova Polievka

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In Slovakia, a mountainous country, picking mushrooms is an extremely popular activity. From May, up until the end of October, the mushroom lovers can enjoy their season. Mushrooms can be used for adding to soups, sauces and dishes, always creating different flavours. Here we present the sweet and sour taste of 'Hubova Polievka'.



  1. Begin by washing the mushrooms and chopping them into very fine pieces.
  2. Then add them to the 3 liters of cold water, together with the black pepper and the juniper berries.
  3. After that cook until the mushrooms are tender, approximately half an hour.
  4. Just before they are cooked, add oil together with peeled and cubed potatoes.
  5. When the potatoes are cooked, thicken the soup with 'zatrepka' (mix the milk and flour together creating a smooth mixture).
  6. Bring to the boil and add salt, sugar and vinegar according to taste, achieving the sweet and sour flavor.