Hovadzia Polievka

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  1. Begin by cleaning the vegetables and putting them all into a steam pot filled with cold water.
  2. You should cut all the vegetables into cubes, or another shape if you prefer, apart from the onions, which you should leave whole (together with the skin).
  3. As well as the vegetables you put the beef on the bone into the pot, together with all the spices (i.e. The salt and the black peppercorns).
  4. Then let it cook on the highest temperature.
  5. When the steam pot starts hissing, switch to the middle heat and let it cook for a further three quarters of an hour.
  6. Then put it aside and wait until the pressure in the steam pot falls down.
  7. The soup is served with thin noodles, and can also be decorated with fresh parsley leaves.