Hong Sao Hai Shen Rou Wan

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Stewed sea cucumber with meat balls


Seasoning 1

Seasoning 2



  1. Slice the sea cucumber into bite size, peel carrot and cut into small dices.
  2. Cut the canned bamboo shoot into small slices.
  3. Soak dry black mushroom until fully soft, cut into 2 halves.
  4. Mince pork, well mix with seasoning (1) with hand, then make small balls.
  5. Heat wok with oil, parboil the meat ball until surface turn golden, dish up.
  6. Heat wok with 300 ml of water, pour in sea cucumber and black mushroom.
  7. Pour in seasoning (2), stir cooking in high heat to make sea cucumber soft.
  8. Add meat balls, bamboo shoot and carrot, cook in low heat until really dry.
  9. Pour in sauce, stir cooking until sauce really dry, dish up and serve.