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Name Variations

Aringa is the Italian word for herring, which is a fish caught in the North Atlantic, and not the Mediterranean Sea. It is used throughout Italy, most widely as an antipasto. Usually it is available salt-cured and smoked.

About Herring

Also named cisco, and tullibee, herring can be found in North Atlantic and the Baltic Sea. A herring is a type of small oily fish found in the temperate areas. Although there are almost two hundred species of this fish they have the same features a dorsal fin, colorful skin with no spines, a lower jaw. They are also characterized by the absence of the lateral line. The dimensions of the species can vary from 700 grams and 18 inches to 80 inches. Herrings are usually small fish of the genus Clupea and survive by feeding themselves with plants and animals that form the plankton or with insects and fish eggs. Their coloring varies from silvery with pink to purple iridescence. At this fish the eye diameter usually smaller than the snout length. They are used to prepare light special dishes and most common are very required in people’s diets. They are a pelagic species and are particularly susceptible to changes in water temperature.

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