Ham-Filled Pineapple

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Originally posted by Stuph

A ham-filled pineapple was discussed in this thread about the beef apple. http://archive.somethingawful.com/sh...hreadid=1327904

I figured it was a good way to spend a couple of hours.

Let's start with the major players:

A pineapple, a piece of hard German steel and my little pig, Pinky


After cutting the top of the pineapple, the sweet juicy inside was revealed. Doesn't that smell great, Pinky?


In order to fill the pineapple up with the good stuff, it's important to remove as much of the inside as you can without breaking the skin. You want to save the pieces you remove for later.



Next it's time to heat up the cast-iron skillet. Guess what's going in there, Pinky.


That's right, it's your mommy. Don't cry little pig, it's not like she ever really loved you, being the weird furry runt and all.


Although Pinky is horrified that part of his mother is frying in the pan, the smell is still getting to him a bit. He's moved a little closer and is trying to contain himself.


The ham steak has to cool a bit before it's able to be chopped up. Sit and think a bit there Pinky, while I go play Half Life 2.


Cut the ham up into small chunks and mix it with a few pieces of the leftover pineapple. Then stuff the pineapple body with the mixture. Even Pinky wants a taste.



Wrap the pineapple in foil and sprinkle some brown sugar on top. Stick it in a pan of some sort so it doesn't drip in the oven.


Put the wrapped pineapple into a 375 degree oven for 30 minutes. Sorry this picture sucks, my camera wouldn't agree to let me use the flash today.


After baking, the pineapple softens, the ham and pineapple chunks get all nice and warm and the flavors meld together, and the brown sugar is nice and crunchy on top.


See, Pinky's into it now. Time for a party!!!


Smash the mixture back into the pineapple and put the top back on. Attach the top to the rest of it by some tropical umbrellas. Now you've got a traveling meal chock-full of tastiness.