Guédé Nibo's Choice

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Not for everybody. After turning off the cooker, one may also remove the habaneros, pour the mixture into one or more ice trays, and freeze it solid. The resulting 'Guinee cubes' can be added to any drink, such as plain Jolt Cola®, which then becomes: 'Baron Samdi's Revenge'.

Another example: 'Manman Brigit Scorned', is Bloody Mary Gazpacho in which 3 drops tabasco sauce is replaced by 1 ounce Blair's 16 Million Reserve®, and to which, of course, 'Guinee cubes' have been added.

'Manman Brigit' is probably the strongest of the three.

Still another example is the addition of: 'guinees' to Aftershock® hot and cool cinnamon schnapps. This is called: 'Mami Wata's Delight'. Perhaps most obvious of all is the addition of 'Guinees' to the standard zombie, which then becomes: 'Baron Cimetière's Libation' when Pat O'Brien's Hurricane Mix® replaces the standard passion fruit syrup.



  1. Dump all ingredients into a pressure canner.
  2. Set to 15 psi and cook for 30 minutes.
  3. Turn off cooker and let sit for 1 hour.
  4. Remove habaneros, (using tongs), and dump 20 pounds ice into cooker.
  5. Allow ice to melt for 30 minutes; drink in shots.