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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Green cabbage]]

Name Variations

  • white cabbage

About Green cabbage

Green cabbage is a very popular aliment in many parts of the world. Cabbage is included in the brassicaceae family, as it presents leaves that form a compact cluster. Green cabbage is referred as a leaf vegetable, as its leaves are the consumed parts. The first green cabbages were grown in the Mediterranean regions, around 100 AD, when the varieties included the Savoy cabbage and the red one. The texture of green cabbages varies from crispy to soft, but either way, this aliment is highly recommended by the healthy diets, as it is very low in calories and high in nutrients. Green cabbage is related with other leaf vegetables, like cauliflower, broccoli, kale, spring greens and collard greens, which are all important aliments that are recommended not to miss from any healthy culinary habit.

Due to its properties and vitamins, cabbage is a very healthy aliment, which is included in both fresh dishes, like salads and it is also served cooked, in stews. When combined with other veggies, the green cabbage enhances.

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