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About Gamboni mushroom

In the last time there are huge quantities of mushrooms consumed all over the world. Wild mushrooms are actually more often consumed then other type of mushrooms. An edible mushroom which is very appreciated especially in south Europe is Gamboni mushroom. This type of mushroom has a spherical white cap and long, thick creamy stem. Generally the stem is not eaten because it is not taste, but the meaty cap is very popular especially by the Italians which use slices of gamboni mushrooms for pizza or they mix it with spaghetti and tomato sauce. Italians prefer gamboni mushrooms because of its delicious taste and meaty texture. It is recommended that this type of mushroom to be eaten while they are young, because when they arrive at maturity, gamboni mushroom looses its meaty texture, becoming thinner and they also lose their delicious taste. Gamboni mushroom conserve a delicious taste if are subjected to the blender or to the food processor and the powder obtained it is used to flavor sauces and soups.

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