Dried scallops

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Dried scallops, also called "conpoy" are an ingredient used in many Chinese dishes. They are obtained usually from one of two species of scallops: either "Atrina pectinata", or "Pationopecten yessoensis." "Atrina pectinata" (called "Kong yiu" by the Chinese) is a small, mild-tasting freshwater scallop. "Pationopecten yessoensis" (called "sin pui" by the Chinese; "hotategai" by the Japanese) is a larger, fuller-flavoured sea scallop.

The larger ones are better tasting, but more expensive. They are rehydrated and used sparingly, though, as a flavouring item and condiment, rather than as a main food item. Once rehydrated, they are shredded and used sparingly.