Crispy Green Onion Noodle Pancake

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Crispy green onion Noodle Pancake

Ground pepper

Add Noodles to Large Pot of Boiling water. Return to Boil. Cook 1 1/2 Minutes. Stir Occasionally. Drain; Rinse With Cold water And Drain Well. Mix With green onion, 1 T. vegetable oil And pepper in Medium Bowl. Heat 1 1/2 T. oil And sesame oil in Large Skillet Over Medium Heat. Add Noodles And Flatten Slightly. Cook Without Stirring Until Light Brown, About 6 Minutes. Turn And Cook Second Side Until Light Brown, About 6 Minutes. Drain on Paper Towels. Can be Made 15 Minutes Ahead. Keep Warm in 200 Oven. These Noodles Aren't The Cooked Variety in The Can, But The Uncooked Ones Found in The Oriental Food Section of The Market. Serves 2

Source:my Old Recipes

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