Costillas de Chancho a la Parrilla

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Costillas de Chancho a la Parrilla

Spicy pork ribs, Chilean-style. This recipe is for 2 serves.



  1. Combine the salsa de aji, garlic, and oregano in a small bowl.
  2. Place the ribs in a nonreactive dish; rub the chile mixture over all surfaces, cover the dish, and refrigerate for at least 12 hours or up to 2 days.
  3. Return to room temperature before cooking.
  4. Bake the ribs, if desired.
  5. Prepare the coals for grilling; keep some new charcoal going to ensure a steady supply for 1 or 2 hours.
  6. When the fire is ready, place the grill rack about 4 inches away from the hot coals.
  7. It's important that the ribs cook slowly and that the fat renders.
  8. Avoid flare-ups, because the chile mixture will become bitter.
  9. Turn the ribs frequently, and grill for about 1 hour if they were pre-baked or 2 hours if they were not, until the pork is cooked through and fork-tender when pierced between the ribs.
  10. It's important to keep the charcoal at an even, moderate heat the whole time.
  11. When the ribs are done, transfer to a cutting board and slice into individual ribs.
  12. Serve hot.