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Converted Rice

Name Variations

  • parboiled rice
  • siddha

About Converted rice

Converted rice is a term created by the brand name Uncle Ben's, used to describe parboiled rice. Converted rice is beige. It tastes a lot like white rice, but it has more nutrients. Converted rice takes vaguely longer to cook than usual white rice.

Converted rice is long-grained white rice that has been vapor processed previous to being hulled, enabling the nutrients within the bran to be engrossed prior to de-hulling the rice essential part. White rice prepared from brown rice that has been covered with water, steamed under pressure to force water-soluble nutrients into the starchy endosperm, and then dried and milled. This rice it is as well term parboiled rice and contains a lot of vitamins and proteins in special magnesium and carbohydrates. It has a relatively high mineral content ,including iron, and, like most rice, supplies several important amino acids. It can be cooked in salads and special dishes like fish or served with meat or other vegetables and soups.

Parboiled rice is known as siddha in Bengali. The technique was developed in south India centuries ago. The unhulled rice is boiled dissolving the nutients from the bran into the water. Then it is steamed locking the nutrients into the heart of the rice kernel. Then the rice is husked and milled removing the outer layer of bran. Due to this treatment the rice is harder and takes longer to cook.

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