Clamshell mushroom

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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Clamshell mushroom]]

Name Variations

  • clam shell mushroom

About Clamshell mushroom

The name mushroom comes from the old English word muscheron or the French one, mouscheron and defines a fungus with a shaft and a cap, a mild taste and a high level of proteins. There is an impressive spectrum of mushroom species in the world, which have different tastes, forms, sizes, colors and other particularities and not all of them are edible. Clamshell mushrooms are of 2 distinctive kinds, the alba clamshell mushrooms (in a white color) and the brown clamshell mushrooms. The alba clamshell mushrooms are especially used in meals which require a long cooking time, as they tend to get crunchier like that. The flavor of these mushrooms is nutty with some mineral tastes and their inside color is white. Due to these characteristics, the organic alba clamshell mushrooms go very well with seafood dishes, regardless of their size, which can very from tiny to oversize. The brown clamshell mushrooms have a much darker color, both inside and out and they are also perfect garnishes for meats or seafood.

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