Chick Nuts

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Chick nuts


This Chick nuts recipe is totally different because contrary to the usual style of using canned Chickpeas this starts off with dried Chickpeas. They can be spiced with any combination of spices you enjoy. Preparation time does not include the overnight soak.


· 1 (1 lb) package dried garbanzo beans · For CHICK DEVILS: - Cayenne and salt to taste · For RED CHICKS: - paprika and garlic salt to taste


Chickpeas are soaked overnight itself. On the very next day, they are drained and patted to enable them to dry. Now place the Chickpeas in a single layer on a cookie tray. And bake at 350 °F for about 45 minutes or until they become crisp. The Chickpeas will shrink back to their original size. Now you can add the flavors of your choice and toss to mix while still hot or let the Chickpeas cool down and serve them plain. After seasoning the Chickpeas, allow them to air dry for a few days to ensure that any residual moisture has evaporated. .