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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Chestnut mushroom]]

About Chestnut mushroom

The chestnut mushrooms look like the button mushrooms, but they are colored in a darker nuance. The best chestnut mushrooms are the ones which are a bit curved and open and not flat, with a pink or brownish underside. The taste of the chestnut mushrooms is intense, strong and highly flavored and their texture is similar to meat – this is the reason why these kinds of mushrooms are great meat replacements. The chestnut mushrooms are available all year long and they can also be refrigerated for longer periods of time.

The chestnut mushrooms are used in various recipes, both as cold meals and as warm main courses. The variety of chestnut mushroom’s recipes includes stews, salads (with canned or boiled mushrooms), toppings for various pastas and pizzas and as part of fillings in pastries and sandwiches. The chestnut mushroom pate is a very popular pate, which is both available in stores and it can be homemade. The recipe of the chestnut mushroom pate includes butter, chopped onion, crushed garlic cloves, chestnut mushrooms, creamy cheese and fromage frais and it is served on French breads and toasts.

Chestnut mushroom Recipes