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[[Image:|thumb|300px|right|Cauliflower mushroom]]

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About Cauliflower mushroom

The name of mushrooms comes from the old English word muscheron or the French one, mouscheron and defines a fungus with a shaft and a cap, a mild taste and a high level of proteins. There are numerous mushroom species in the world, which have different tastes, forms, sizes, colors and other particularities, but not all of them are edible. The cauliflower mushroom’s name comes from the fungus’s aspect resemblance with the authentic cauliflower: the mushrooms has a curvy and flourish white top (sometimes, the color ranges from cream white to beige, egg color, oranges and pale yellows). Even more, the fungus is large in size and ca be easily recognized due to the similarities with the vegetable. The scientific name for the cauliflower mushroom is sparassis crispa and it is growing mostly in North America, under conifer trees.

A popular dish that includes cauliflower mushroom is the soup with this name. The cauliflower is soaked in milk for some hours before preparing it, in order to get a tender taste.

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