Cauiflower Soup with Chives

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Cauliflower Soup With chives

Garnish: Set Aside 1/3 of The Smallest Florets For Garnish

Slice Remaining Cauliflower in Processor Using Medium Pressure; Transfer For 3 Quart Pan. Add chicken stock, milk And Shallots. Cover. Bring to Boil Over High Heat. Reduce Heat to Medium And Cook Until Vegetables Are Soft, 35 Minutes. Strain Mixture, Reserve Liquid. Transfer Vegetables to Work Bowl; Puree Until Smooth, About 1 Minute. Stop Once to Scrape Down Sides of Bowl. Add 1/2 Cup Liquid And Blend 10 Seconds. Stir Puree Into Remaining Liquid. Add salt, nutmeg, And pepper Sauce And paprika. Serve Soup Hot or Chilled. Garnish With Reserved Cauliflower Florets And Snipped Fresh chives.

Makes 6 Cups.

Source: my Old Recipes