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  • caramel candies

About Caramels

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Caramel is a food which has an orange-brown colour and a sweet toasted flavour, derived from the caramelization of sugar. Caramel is used to flavour candy, as well as soft drinks such as Coca-Cola. It is also commonly used as a food colouring (with the E number E150).

Caramel can be made from sugar by heating it slowly to around 170°C/340°F. (The particular temperature depends on the sugar. See caramelization). As the sugar melts and approaches this temperature, the molecules break down into other volatile compounds that give it the characteristic caramel colour and flavours. There are also many other ways of making caramel.

Caramel candies are small, square confections made of butter, cream, and sugar. They can be melted for use in desserts that call for a caramel coating. Caramel candies are sold individually wrapped in packages or in bulk in well-stocked food stores.

Various candies, confections, and desserts are made with caramel: barley sugar; caramel and nuts: praline, nougat, brittle; caramel and custard: crème caramel, crème brûlée.

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