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Blue Shark

About Blue Shark

The Blue Shark is recognised by its distinctively coloured slender body with a conical snout, and long, scythe-like pectoral fins. It has five gill slits, a heterocercal tail, large circular eyes and a first dorsal fin that is much larger than the second. The Blue Shark has a conical snout, a circular eye, and a long pectoral fin. It is the most wide-ranging shark species, being recorded in all tropical and temperate seas. The Blue Shark is usually found in Australian areas. The Blue Shark eats mainly fish and cephalopods such as squid. Baby Blue Sharks are nourished via a yolk sac placenta, and are born at a length of 35-50cm on the other hand adults grow to 3.83 m. The Blue Shark however has smaller gill slits, longer pectoral fins and serrated teeth. It has a distinct coloration, a deep indigo blue from above and a vibrant blue on its sides, changing to white underneath. The teeth on both the lower and upper jaw have triangular cusps with smooth or finely serrated edges. The diet of this shark includes many types of fish and squid, and may sometimes eat seals. Although flatfishes make up part of the diet, blue sharks predominantly eat pelagic fishes such as herring, silver hake, white hake, red hake, cod, haddock, pollock, mackerel, butterfish, sea raven, tuna and swordfish.

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