Bahamian Fish Chowder

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The unusual ingredients in this recipe all work together to produce a pungent, spicy chowder that is a delight for the palate. The chowder is rich enough to serve as a main course for a luncheon or as a light entree for dinner, with crunchy garlic bread and a green salad.



Heat the olive oil in a large, heavy casserole pot and add the garlic, sofrito paste, habanero pepper, Onion, celery, plantains, and the Potato and saute for 5 minutes over a medium heat, stirring, until the onions start to wilt.

Then add the cinnamon, annatto, fillets, stock, water, and milk and stir gently to mix. Bring the mixture to a light boil, reduce the heat to a simmer, and simmer for 15 minutes, or until the fish flakes easily with a fork. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Serve the soup in warmed bowls and garnish with the chopped scallions.

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